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ness and colder. Sunday's high, 42 degrees at 3 p- m:7 low, 33 degrees at

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Ps , 3 : if i % | loo 11lDie-— lO a Nehru Says Stevenson |Mtte.BeAsked se ster 8 New Yorker As €-124. > Be India Won't TalksBunk, &OP Policy on Labor Tel-oa Tame Cracks Up |) BK Se) Join Reds Hall Claims Causing Party Dispute ¢,, Policy of

By Rowland Evans Jr.

NY. Herald Tribune News Service

. ; A 2 * 3 rs 3 " 4 - | 7 > . " . . | Big Oe ¥ . ri i OP Chairman Says : | \ On lwo Jima x ae a 2 ee Prime Min ster G nS President Eisenhower will/to be fully committed to Mitch- | 0 era ion i 4 Warns Khrushchev Adlai ‘Weasels’ on 500n be asked to step into a /ell’s position.

| dj P growing dispute over Repub- The most important factor

AF Globemaster And Bulganin Aim Farm Plan: Butler lican Party policy toward or- prompting the attack is the Governor Repeats " ~ ganized labor during the 1956 merger of the AFL and CIO. , !

Crashes on Takeoff Is Peace, Goodwill Contrasts Programs campaign. That is an event in which some} He’s Not an Active | On one hand, a group of Re- Republicans profess to see thie |

Fer Japan; Board | NEW DELHI, Nov. 20 (®) By Robert Barkdoll publicans largely, identified first hazy outlines of a future Candidate; Differs Be, ' . Minist J harlal United Press | with the Party’s right wing has |labor government in this coun-| Prime Minister Jawaharla ‘launched a broadside attack on|try and, at the least, a remark-|- Also Over Israel

Of Inquiry Name eee 2 ae d Nehru tonight gave notice to| Republican National)“power-hungry labor bosses” |ably efficient organization from) NISHI, Iwo Jima, Nov. 20 eS his Russian guests—Premier Chairman Leonard W. Hall hee Aad hae ogre Fw glace: oe of political ac- By Robert C. Albright righ - 5" ‘i - % : : , : : = i slus unds” to ad- tivity. (U.P) A United States Air ne Pn Nikolai Bulganin and Com-'said yesterday that Adlai E.| 7. teie own special inter-| The assault on “labor bosses” Sia Reporter

munist Party boss Nikita §.|Stevenson “talked bunk” ests in a way neither represen-|is led by Sen. Barry M. Gold-} CHICAGO, Nov. 20—Gov. Khrushchev—not to expect'and followed “Harry ‘Tru- tative of nor desired by rank- - eo of < tna whose omcia’ Averell Harriman of New their visit to swing India into man’s line” in his first speech *°¢4¢ membership. Peg Baers vere “am.|¥Ork today took issue with

Force Globemaster crashed while taking off from this historic islana today, killing 10 of the 11 persons aboard.

The lone survivor was flown

to Tokyo for treatment of in)ur- ies. His name and the names of

: ) ; On the other side stand Sec- the Republican Senatorial Cam-| . the Communist bloc. as a 1956 Democratic presi-) 15-5) of er side stand Sec-\,aign Committee. Goldwater|Adlai E. Stevenson on three

' inieter dential candidate. ‘tenn Nas attacked “power hungry separate ite The Indian Prime Minister | Mitchell and many other Eisen- )31). bosses.” without any ex- pi ms of Pa rty policy but still denied he is

spoke at a state banquet for| Democratic National Chair- hower Republicans who are em- ceptions. These “bosses,” in the two Soviet leaders after|man Paul M. Butler countered phatically opposed to this as- ee ee agg, OR Mantion?? , those who were killed were Khrushchev, at a visit to the|that Stevenson, addressing a/sault. They feel it will widen aera ne Sh ptm ~ ¥ sition Dy. active candidate for the withheld until their families staff Photo |Taj Mahal at Agra, had an-|Democratic fund-raising dinner|the breach between the Repub-! 1.0) gunds” collected Seanad em ti ratic presidential were notified. . _ |mounced a wish to help thisjin Chicago Saturday night, lican Party and organized)... arr .., MomMination,

Alexandra Zalubas, wife of a Georgetown University mathe country become strong.indus-|called for a “moderate” and labom They are worried that tary contributions from union| ,

The huge C-124 transport) matics professor, holds an enlarged photo which she says |trialiy to “assure its freedom) “liberal”* program as against in the coming campaign Demo- | Members. ' | Harriman told a Sunday carrying two passengers and 8! is ¢hat of her brother, Henry Malinauskas, who is held in 4 ind 4 ‘Republican efforts in behalf of.crats will cite chapter and|2©0™4"d_W. Hall, Republican morning press conference there crew of nine, was returning to anc incepencence P n efforts in e enapter and National Chairman, told a news|;. «

Sapan after hauling a load of| ‘22 Betorious Vorkuta prison camp in Russia, The original Nehru conceded that Rus-|the “special interests.” verse from Republican attacks|-onference a few weeks ago|> °° SUCh word as moderate, cargo to Iwo Jims. photo was smuggied out of the camp by a former Austrian /sian-Indian friendship is deep, | Hall said Stevenson “appears i" 2” effort to prove to 18 mil-'tnat the 1952 election “indi-/°* middle of the road in the

It crashed et 5 p. m.. seconds prisoner. Mrs. Zalubas lives at 1300 36th st. nw. but reiterated determination | to get a peculiar sense of satis- lion organized workers that the cates clearly that these labor | Democratic vocabulary.” after leaving A ground at to keep India from taking i out of the farmers’ ne Te Party is officially posses do not speak for the | “It seems te me you fall into : re ate rte in the Cold War. plight” but “weasels” when ; rank and file, because Presi-' ~ Central Airport, which was rav- “We are convinced.” he said. |Prodded for “a constructive The President's illness has dent Eisenhower got a tremen.|" Republican vernacular

when you talk about moderate

: >. °*® | . iy by a typhoon two months 9.Car Collision New Violence “it is not by military pacts | Solution.” On foreign policy, he isolated him from the policy |dous rank and file vote.” He = and alliances and by piling up| Sid, the ex-Governor of Illinois dispute up to now but it willicharged that “power-hungry 4d middle of the road,” he

Col.- Ariel -Witliams, com- ‘Indicates he “is followi be d d his d . armaments. that world ace | e “is following the be dropped on his desk before labor bosses control the oppo- said.

mander of the 374th Troop Car- In Nebraska Breaks Out and secufify can be atteined | 2Tuman-Acheson line.” long. A major effort’by Mitch-|site party.” | His remarks were in direct rier Wing to which the wrecked _. There is talk of a Cold| “Adlai Stevenson's kickoff ell to have such attacks de-| Mitchell and other Republi- aes si plane was assigned, flew here . ‘War and rival camps and/political speech in Chicago clared out-of-bounds, particu-'cans, including Gov. Theodore contrast with the position taken from Japan less than an hour sts 10 | ives In Morocco ‘groupings and military blocs|Saturday night made it clear|!atly for Republicans who hold|R. McKeldin of Maryland, have here Saturday night at a Demo- after about the oN ‘and alliances—all in the name|why he was repudiated by the mem fn geo is oy disavowed oo Figg er the-.cratic $100-a-plate dinner by The Air Force appointed 8} warerpury Neb. Nov. 20 pieaie voters so completely in 1952/1 ‘we planning stage. ice sis as “certainly not Adminis- Stevenson. Stevenson said the board of =? Aw investigate Ten peradtis. including six RABAT. Moraes: ov: -20 no|that he could carry only nine | President Nixon is understood ‘tration policy.” Party should be “for modera- me om tragedy. returning from ajNew . outbreaks of Violence .. The states,” Hall said in a state-|— nae | i "

The four-engined plane, capa- ae fared in M ‘eetey ond ment. | tion, yes, but stagnation, no. ble of carrying 25 tons of cargo! of an oan tng ey re this|tension ran high following a ' * e said Stevenson cduld not Secret Tests Held Differs on Israel

or 200 troops equipped for com- evening in a two-car collision|day of bloody disorders in ve gfe pn Cae » ee | Harriman said he difin't want

bat, is the same type as the one) 10 mi which 17 e nvalved yo ears ago fn the|"™res gute safeg: Patel vaig|e™d 08 ered ony ron om fee remote, ed ~ Fr oo a ee worst air disaster in history. oreign policy fronts, where.) roceeded to express views in the car containing the six youn In Fez, an crowds tried to Ar A D f f x _ . am that instance, & CLs on! vebrackans recta deere vhlew pillage the oes of the Caliph |based on goodwill and cooper. |he or ROG seeree He mest my, ir orce . er conflict with Stevenson's on two

crashed June 18, 1953, killing)? front tire” aed /\ee | “The people know he is talk- . . , oa! ‘headon with a car containing |slain by a mob in the courtyard} Speaking 10 minutes later, |, . - 2 N k Kft t Israel—He stiy that he 129 soldiers returning to duty) ‘our members of the Jimmie {of Sultan Mohammed Ben Yous-Bulganin declared the Soviet|Of) “we Note that he he ver Nike ectiveness |, ge gn bomade leaves. Palmer Orchestra. \sef's palace here yesterday. | Union has “not lost hopes’ 85 \taken up Harry Truman's line | : netianciadal semi 2 This , Di Cc Sheriff Sam! The mob had attacked him/#,Pesult of the Geneva meeting | P y 5 ane | Charlottesvillé, Va., suggestion is island, 700 pees a yon: % age saint, ion Sam Plain 7 y acke - of Big Four foreign ministers|°" Special interests, but is | By John Finney that the United Nations under- of Tokyo, has been occupied by Curry sald the orchestra mem for his part in deposing the Shas certain that in the end|suenton the corrupt forces that one Pr take ‘border patrol scion to it was captured during World'|James E. Martello, about 30, support, 2 years ago. _ oni oto ne —— Butler, appearing on the The Army and Air Force are) argument that the Nike Is a _— pp ig ar Senne J and War Il. Springfield, Ill, formerly of| Police intervened to stop the | teas these* © promems wie 'NBC-TV program, “Youth |4t Odds over secret tests in Goadiy ‘tlssile capable of han aot fn favor of it at the present Turtle Creek, Pa.; Jack Renn,! pillaging and rescued one Mo-| ~herecan \Wants to Know,” defended|which the Army's anti-aircraft, Ving speedy jet bombers. itime and I would not have All 14 Found Dead about 25, Pittsburgh; Lou Case/roccan whom the crowd was oe a to “y inter- | Stevenson. He-also had a kind | rocket, the Nike, knocked down| .75¢ Matador missile was proposed it.” i. Wiad Wied Jr., about 25, Rock Island, Il.,|jeading off for execution in alfa os oo yw and “in the'word for Gov, Averell Harri-|, Matador jetomber missile,| ©0586" 35 the target because it)" po. tere their diff m .Vevadd 1 ragedy and Don Sheffield of Vermont.| local cemetery, uture wishes also to support/man of New York and firmly!j: was learned oterds is, in effect, a pilotless fighter-|, "°° itt ge es oa 7 y | bomber with the speed but not

—_ : this policy, no matter what! rT ‘@nces were largely in emphasis. LAS VEGAS. Nev.. Nov.20%| The Nebraska dead were} Another suspected su rter , 0 denied any prejudice against ~ | might be the difficulties,” heisen Estes Kefauver (D-Tenn.).|, cure a 1600-mile-an-|the size of a modern jet Harriman stressed he would

rocket with a range of! homber. |

Three rescue parties today identified by Sheriff Curry as:'of deposed Sultan Moulay ben “go to 90 per cent rigid farm reached the wreckage of an Air| Rodney Hanks, Gary Stark,'Arafa, who replaced Ben Yous- gh ote , ‘Both are potential Stevenson} pout 25 miles, was pitted | price supports first, and then Force C-34 that crashed on Robert Rakow, Perry Book, sef in 1953, was dragged from on - or the first time at |rivals for the Democratic nomi- against the Matedne bay A pcr The conditions under go on from there.” Stevenson re- snow-capped Mt. Charleston and'Richard Rahn and Ronald/a truck and lynched. In Fedala, > have. for the visiting | nation. ‘an-hour short-range bombing! Which the Muel was staged are | cently came out for 90 per cent, found that all 14 military and |Nobbe. a Moroccan was soaked in Zaso- ignitar prod Communists; Butler said the Democrats) .,j<cite in aerial duels at the also a matter of dispute. The too, to meet present farm con- civittarr: personnel aboard had! line and burned to death by Al Sore moa : ree oe indian next year will campaign against| white Sands, N. Mex.. proving Ait Force said one kill was ob- ‘ditions, but never mentioned perished, the Air Force an- Six Dead as Train crowd for violating Moslem re-|) ge a leaders’ at’ the record ‘ofthe Eisenhower? srounds during the past monih (tained under rather~artificial) the figure in his Saturday night nounced. Hi Mi bill ligious law. against. drunken-/ _ ed, along wit representa- | Administration regardless of| The Ni ‘leonditions, with the Matador)speech. Stevenson consistently Positive identification of the its utomootie hess. ~~ of all other parties in who is the GOP candidate. Bub} Dun 9 a7 a down = flying lower and slower than /|has held that neither rigid nor plane, which had been missing} FORRESTON, Ill, Nov. 20, The sultan suspended all vis- 7" mage aca the said there will be no “per-|, ~~ oy or a two 4 normal. The Army said the /|fiexible price supports are the since Thursday morning on a Six persons were killed neas its to his palace in Rabat fol-| » ~ -~ ndian President |sonal attacks” on the President. y oryeroowe io ye | tests were ¢onducted under |full answer to the farm prob- flight from Burbank, Calif, to|this Northern Illinois town to-| lowing yesterday's riot. “see nny ramen My gy-Bhaw Ole no er gear chairman] us left up in the sit the ques | Tealistic conditions. lem cock aia lod Pecnargee ton ‘ond eat Chinen Mo ae, mare Moroccans | segieal Gardens and _ intro- oa Gee Alte ‘chee at| tion of how effective the Nike| at eae for the yt “Ne One Nominated” | » aa . : Chenk 3 4 w jet | aided du a t , made when the rescue teams|waskes, St. Paul and Pacific mainly from Conbtaee in rh oe ve the 4000 Texas “back” into the Demo-| Would be against speedy boon mee aaa the Aeoe ng ‘Harriman thus had the last reached the scene near the)railroad passenger train. thope of seeing him. He ap-';., P ner recep-icratic Party. But he predicted| pte < lveiled the Nike with claims it word at this nearly week-long peak of the two-mile-high moun-} The dead were Alvin Wagner,’ nealed to the visitors to go) . that Texas will “go Democratic”} Many United States cities, in-| . . good ie te ahead. ion. Democratic gathering, whereas teins ew ny of2Q, the ear, driver; his wife, Mrs. home,.and.. promised. he, would ) next year, regardless of Shivers, cluding Washington, have been) | -.ib16 for them to miss a tar- eevensen Nas Shes Sees Out The rescue parties, which June Wagner, 20; Wayne Zettle,' soon tour the country. R f Fl “~~~ because there-will- be “no tide-)ringed with Nike guided-missile) o 4 = is eevering wer ercorn he. formally announced _ his fought their way up the icy,|25; his wife, Joan, 21, and their, ee Mew York Herald Trib eport 0 ares _/ilands oil issue” in 1956. /bases as a defense against sur-|r oa oe Shpall enh candidacy for the presidential rugged slopes for nearly four)daughter, Becky, 4, and Marilyn’. al eB "he a _ Sen. James H. Duff (R-Pa.),jprise enemy attack. But the | ie nF ros the: World Was (vomination at a press confer- days, were bringing the bodies Zettle, 13. | which > aye lene Mir bow + Spurs Plane Hunt interviewed on the CBS televi-| Army and Air Force have dis- I ae techie ade af whe xe ‘ence last Tuesday. of the victims down to the Nel- ee appeal by the tt Behe sion program, “Face the Na- agreed on the Nike's effective-, Harriman opened his own lis Air Force Base test camp at 5 Dead and 2 Hurt his personal order and sseuneiy CARLISLE, Pa., Nov. 20. UP sayy sy |g gr mage should ~e ever since it was unveiled i i news conference today by as- swe Sis level of the moun- In Collision on Curve left the Palace grounds.) A Bee party. a ay by @ to Scide os ee Sse rotons b ae oh it a Paper Says Quint See DEMS, Page 2, Col. 1 : | . : : Ten thousand supporters of |e of a yellow flare from a winal | ae | | There were five Air Force; PRINCETON, Mo., Nov. 20 @ yo as can Saber thuien de.\Tugged mountain area, intensi-| pisern tower ene an original’ staged in an effort to settle the! 7 A .- Vj ti , personnel and nine civilians|Two cars collided early head) | Ged ttn te ; | , oster, referred| controversy, The only apparent|4S AAMCMIA VICIIM | P . manded at a mass meeting in its hunt tonight for &| oryptically to “a } which | od- tory a including AEC personnelon on a curve near here early) port Lyautey today that all|“shost” plane believed to havelpe ally to “a letter wWAHICN, | effect, however, was to add new | ) aboard the plane when it slam-|today, killing five persons and) "14. “04 olenas the native|been in distress near Presi-| 7; said, convinced him Mr./fyel to the row. | , MONTREAL, Nov. 21 (Mon-|— | W med into the mountain just be-|injuring two others, one crit P ; : isenhower’s decision will) mm. ai-p he| day) (#—The Montreal Gazette | atal to onian ical ichieftains who govern tribes|dent Eisenhower's farm at Get-| hinge on whether he believes e Air Force account of the low the peak Thursday morn-|icaily. 4 ‘and towns—be excluded from|tysburg Friday night. lhe , hi ‘test is that the Nike scored one|54!d today it has learned that ed Arven } can complete his program, | +i) and missed on several other| Marie Dionne, 21-year-old quin-| Mrs. Robert Brooks, 60, of

ing |, The victims included Arven'+.. future Morocean govern-| The search shifted south of : ) [One of the civilians was Wil-|L. yy ry. = an are ment. The chieftains Sane long|Dillsburg, Pa. tonight after ros sag ol oA thought of his! shots, The Army said it missed| tuplet who is in a hospital here, |1325 R st. nw., died yesterday at liam H. Marr, 37, whose widow |lowa, river of 0 ; 7 |been accused by nationalists|John Kelly and his wife re- y: on four test-firings held last|!s seriously ill of pernicious |pmergency Hospital of head in-

and two children live at 4201/only passenger, Gary Lane, 1 ‘of being under French influ-|ported seeing a yellow flare in’ . . lems = aus sented em Dats agen 7 juries suffered in a fall from a Park, Md.) Killed L, the other car 1 Pa Sates Meee nageoas ap ws gia mountain Train Kills Mate "The AG Fens’ cooaenent Fi rota Neer ge hatigees Ng 'third-floor window at her home. _ : . " 4 ro us rave, " . : d . . - a § First id aon <" posces we Mme City: his one oo Mrs |Rabat, French authorities today| Five planes took to the air (pf S] ; Princi al the misses to bolster its con-| sharply reduced. Among its | Mrs. Brooks had told police a mounted posse of volunteer ain p tention that the missile has) symptoms are loss of appetite | she was cleaning windows when

~~ | 7 | : ave. Princeton,|ordered Moroccan nationalists; today as the search centered in sheriff's deputies and Air Force Johnny ena William McKay|parties to disband their uni-|an area between Pine Grove, a ‘heen vastly overrated. The|and a marked pallor. Her'she lost her balance and pitched

personnel. The mounted group) PITTSBURGH, Nov. 20 (UP) A inted to the claimed intup! ist Emile, died f d ind ill, Sh , “about 22, of Kansas| Ormed militiamen following a) state forest preserve, and Clev- , Nov. Army pointed to the claimed|quintuplet sister, Emile, died forward over a window sill. She

took charge of the bodies. Thejmocmnenn clash with French police, lersburg. The body of Joseph T. Gale, 50,|2-for2 score to back up” its! in August, 1954, ‘landed on a concrete areaway,

other parties were composed of) : sought for questioning in ss RPE St - —~- ;

paramedics, deputy sheriffs and|—~ slash +- murder of his high |

College Heights dr., University Blythdale, Mo.


Air Force personnel. achat ated | principal wife, was found | Directive Sent to Atto rney General | ewe apne cet yaw Be oniaht |Cressed Wires in Gettysburg

Gale apparently committed sui-| cide by throwing himself in

Washington Post And BES . . Times Heald Used GOV. MeKeldin Orders Desegregation =.,: =" "= Reporter Answers Hotel-Room Phone,

Gale's estranged wife, Viola,

pliant Maryland National Guard caay in her wate ost So Famed Voice Asks, “That You, Sherm?’

it must pay-—advertising autos ough home. Her body was dis-

for sale in the classified pages covered by the couple’s daugh- ;

of The Washington Post and BALTIMORE, Nov. 20 have felt that this integration, In Washington, Maj. Gen. ter, Abbie, a campus queen at (Related Stories, Page 23) at his alma mater, Gettysburg'a direct line to the temporary Times Herald. For during Octo- [coy Theodore R. McKeldin should be effectuated in the) Edgar C. Erickson, chief of the the University of Pittsburgh.| CoppyspuRG. Nov. 20 ENS) a set atict rte Pe Lad we pore Se OE TP ber, 161,720 lines of autos-for- ‘directed tonight that the Mary-| best interests of the state, the Defense Department's Nation- - . Some strange things are hap- «4. siahorate hotel suite a ichiable in the light of a sudden sale classified advertising were liand National Guard be de- Guard and the good morale of al Guard Bureau, said that | Today’s Index - | [Paine wc hagge cba 9 had been occupied the previous;}tremendous upsurge in tele-

placed in the newspaper that is | segregated, its entire membership.” | Maryland was not the first state A reporter answered the night by Secretary. of State phone calls since the President phone in his Gettysburg hotel, John Foster Dulles. arrived.

first in circulation. That’s more | weokKeldin, in a letter to Mary-| Reckord said he would issue|which had segregated Negroes Peet Page .

: ; ' Alsop .....23/| Kilgallen .. only to hear a well-known voice; The industrialist picked up a) The local phone company in- than appeared in any other paper jiand’s Adjutant General Milton the poh « or ew nye cols th ownage ia bg rm wwe Amusements 37 | Movie Guide 26 on the other end of the line: phone in his suite and de-stalled 100 new trunk lines to in Washington. A. Reckerd, said: | group pe Classified 29-35 | Night Clubs 19 “Hello, is that you, Sherm?” (manded: take care of the needs of ‘of-

People realize that results are “This ... is a directive trom|Geord rece: n Bg le A (Ca not say what others oo F 7 Ss o. . ae The reporter was so aston-| “Send up a bucket of ice.” ficial business and press, radio Better when readership is bigger. |me to you to initiate without/ they planned to wok the Federal states had taken similar action.| prc; ting 40 | Pearson 4] ished | vt dropped the tiophones. x: rae, verge * ye ny al Wits Taos ees And you get the biggest reader- |@¢lay all such steps as are nec-) District Court to rule out segre- Asked whether the Federal) pj... 23 | Picture Page 20 °%, OF. party, sir:

4 essary to bring an end to ra- gation in the Guard. ‘Government has any general! caitorials Postiude 3. “Sherm” is the familiar name The industrialist replied: boards have been installed in ship through The Washington lcial segregation in the organ-| The 15 eo oe they were policy in this regard, Erickson sy 41 | Radio-T¥ 36 that identifies Sherman Adams, “Sure, but what party are you the Post Office, where the Presi- rn eee [tion ofthe Maryland Natio) ogra eieule on sive athe ‘handa™ Bicept, "ehee| facta” 3 | Sey 25 aa atthe White Hous.) ‘The voice on the other endand atthe halel your auto-for-sale ad, simply uard.” w on ve. ‘es | n a kolsky... | : d : phone our Miss Bell at REpub- McKeldin said “the awaiting|duty in Korea but upon their guard units are federalized in 1519 | Amother telephone a. in| The Ip ef os ee ar wal ppg Bi by egy ore ned

of court action would result; ained inactive| times of emergency, they are sev bee ...26 curred when a Pennsylvan ah ien Sarin ...36 G@ustrialist came to Gettysburg tently me a special telephone) burg Hotel, with direct lines to

lic 7-1234. | only in an unnecessary delay.”|status rather under the control Horoscope . .38 He said: “As you know I long | states, he said, Keeping Well 39 (ger the homecoming celebration, Dulles’ use. It was the temporary White House.

‘9 5 | : $ 4 t




THE WASHINGTON POST and TIMES HERALD * | ma Club Plans } Kennedy Calls I mmigration Act

Monday, November 21, 1955

DEMO—From Page 1 Kefauver —|*Most B latant Discrimination’

By John A. Goldsmith of the law is “divided and mat the entire new law is prefer-

> } * Adlai Is Chided Se . Rall Dee 16 United Press fective” under the State and able to approval of a series of 7 3 eee : On ey rhe nrr vanes eo ! angtnse? Sen. John F. Kennedy (D-| Justice Departments. stop-eap amendments, of which

|Mass.), attacked the Mce-Car-| He ‘said the substitiition “ofihie is also a co-eporisor. ~~

° ££ be on ee Be, The District Kefauver for|+an-walter Immigration Act as

ni oderation TY [President Club expects he Tem!-ine most blatant piece of dis fp

, © © nh is >) | nessee Senator to announce his) --imination in the Nation’s| iii

| Dien OES > jeamdidacy for the Democratic history.” !

serting again, in answer to a;said the Democratic Party was Pei | | |Presidential nomination on or He said the socalled “Na-| |i) question: “I am not an active|“the progressive and liberal Reames | |before Dec. 16. tional origins” quota system, 2 Hi candidate for the nomination.” | party” of the United States, and pe RM Si bias 4c tM The Club laid plans yesterday key feature of the law “Der. | “How do you distinguish be-|warned that it got “licked” ev- ie a tee nett Meee = [for a giant rally that day in the mits immigration to this coun-| {iii tween an active and an inac-jery time it took a different po- Aig as ie es, |Williard Hotel to celebrate the try by those who do not wish to| ill tive candidate?” a reporter) sition. - ges ee ¢, |snnouncement. | asked. Sees Truman Off ‘ges . ee ; aks 825 ne nf Club Président William E. “I will leave that for you to; 4,, 1, told hi a dec et te te Geox Fadler Jr., who formed the local do,” he said. a: 5 press con organization one month ago, So far as Stevenson’s an-|ferénce he supported what Mr. hegt indicated his group had good nounced candidacy was con-|Truman said in that regard Stassen Visits the Pope reason to schedule the rally gor Ht cerned, Harriman went on to|Saturday night. He made a the 16th. but would not elabo- Senate Judiciary Subcommit-| jij) Se eae erating’ conven, {Point of disclosing that he rose} Pope Pius XII and Harold Stassen, the President's special | 14+.’ tee on Immigration which| |i tion. I haven’t seen any nomi-|¢#tly this morning “to see Mr./ adviser on disarmament, stand together at Castel Gandolfo, Kefauver has given every in-|9Pens hearings on the contro-|iij nee here. Mr. Stevenson is|and Mrs. Truman off” at the| Italy, during a special audience with the Pontiff. Stassen | aisstion he will Se 2 candidate|versial law today. Hi highly thought of and I ex-! depot. said he was inspired by the Pope's desire to work for & (for the Democratic nomination,| Chairman Harley M. Kilgore! iii just and lasting peace for all mankind. but so far has made no official (D-W. Va.) said the group will i}

pressed my high opinion of; On one point, however all im last night, but no one has |three of the Democratic “front During its meeting Consider “fundamental nation-| ij) lyesterday, the Club also made/al policies” embodied in the|ij

been nominated yet.” ‘runners” and Mr. Truman

A reporter asked Harriman |himself, appeared in solid 6 ° 9 Hl if he hadn't meant to use the |agreement, namely in thelr Di plans to enter Kefauver in the|act and various proposals for|/j golfing term “fore” instead of|criticism of the y Administra. tevenson ssent e [ ene a Primary| amending it. " | “for” when he said on a former |tion’s handling of foreign pol- ' Y iohaer » the District| Criticized by Eisenhower HH}

occasion that he was for /icy. tit Stevenson. He said no that he| Harriman told newsmen he In Kur S asséen Says would be important because of} President ,Eisenhower has|/iii) Hi FR had not—that he thought he|thought “our hopes for Geneva) 0 ? t its psychological impact on the) riticized the legislation and/|iii iokey rooman had made himself plain. had been exploded” but that rest of the Nation, Fadler sald.) ded thet % be | CUSTOMIZED’ CLOTHES Vehement Against Moderation |5¢cretary of State John Foster| NEW YORK, Nov. 20 W@loverseas. The leaders in other a acy coon = nt = ae” tea: india a B36 Hit

Dulles seemed “to want to keep | Harold E. Stassen, special assist-| countries have developed confi- oo. or “4 » iheatint tnwwar ' | : ay

Then he proceeded to hurliup appearances.” lant to President Eisenhower,/dence in the foreign policy of) 4 11. vite: Clyde L. F “gs plained that the Subcommittee | |i) Our Hickey-Freeman suits aren't just what looked suspiciously like| In regard to the tension be-|said today that speeches by| President Eisenhower and Sec- . , has been unable to get any firm|/ rocks at remarks by Stevenson tween Israel and Egypt, he said|Adlai Stevenson, Democratic|retary of State Dulles, These pong § oe pce proposals on amendments from || 1. 6 ee on several key points /he believed the Administration | presidential aspirant, are poss mare zoe oe an induatriailet Admictatcetiin tnaRars. | tailored...they re “customized’”” to a; -Dulle re . | : should return to the 1950 tri-\ing American foreign policy nhower-Dulles 0 g Be sromined the Gubssiiants-

Harriman was vehement in inartite deci broad. policy is bipartisan.” , . i ; ae ae ee ela While foreign statesmen are|J "uman to Maintain tee will give a full hearing to||jil present every type of build to the best

challenging Stevenson’s party|United States, Britain and| Stassen returned by plane “moderation” stand. France, designed to preserve |from Europe, where he attended/ aware of the pee two- Neutrality, He Says all proposals “no matter how |||) “Are we ‘moderate’ toward|Peace in the Middle East. Har-|the Geneva foreign ministers) party system, Stassen said. they; AGO, Nov. 20 W—For-|2€W or novel” in an effort to|/j possible advantage! $120

2 riman said Dulles has made/|conference. noted that the Stevenson the farmer?” he asked. Then,| practically no use of it since| Talking to newsmen at Idle-/speeches came “one year (away)|/mer President Truman said to-|S*t complete information on pounding his desk, he shouted:|the Republican Administration | wild Airport, he said that Euro-|from the elections. day he intends to work in the ee oe Jediaay

““No, by God, we are for the|took over. pean leaders have been “puzzled; Stassen said “critical Steven-; tf nths for the nomi- | lexed by Mr. Steven-|son speeches” while the Geneva|"*** *©W ™0 mittee. eae Se ei ee oe re ae meathies were going on were|nation by the Democrats next; Kennedy urged that the en-

| Neither did he believe thejcratic Party policy regarding|son’s recent voice of strange Democratic Party could be/“party loyalty,” Micebaatd ait | dissent to our policy,” adding:|played up by the European|year of a “liberal and progres-|tire act be scrapped in favor be “moderate” in its support|fered with the recently ex-| “I feel that Adlai Stevenson's) press and “raised and stirred up)<ive” presidential candidate. [°f 4 ay my marctnesd, by | of small businessmen, or in its|pressed position of former|recent attacks are beginning to/q u estio n marks all over Although he continued pub- him re = Ry a position on national resources,|Democratic National Chairmap|affect American: foreign policy! Europe.” He did not elaborate. jman (D-N. Y.). would junk! licly to maintain neutrality in'the national origins system he said. Stephen Mitchell, that party ; 1409 H STREET Sen. Estes Kefauver (Tenn.),/leaders who “bolted” in 1952 the contest for the party's 1956| which, in effect, gears immigra- nomination, Mr. Truman said|tion quotas to the population

expected soon to announce hisjshould be challenged if they

own candidacy, took a partyireturned to the 1956 waned OP P li N le ts that Adlai E. Stevenson “made| >reak-down in the 1920 census. moderation position very simi-'tion. O wy 34 Cc the best New Deal speec h I) agront to World Seen | lar to Stevenson's in the pre-| Asked specifically whether he : ever heard Bim mals Deters! rae aystem, adopted in theliien

pared version of his own speech |thought Gov. Allan Shivers of . a Democratic rally here last Cc —— to the Saturday night Demo-|Texas who voted for Mr. Eisen- Need A dD A C laims night. a y ne a. Braye Bn od in cratic dinner. But in delivering|hower, should be seated, Harri- V9 Stevenson told a party din- the 1952 McCarran-Walter Act. the speech, Kefauver discarded|man said: “I think any Demo- ner here last night that he “Regarded as an affront to| OPEN FRIDAY EVENING all reference to “moderation” |crat who comes to the Conven- Associated Press oF the brea eg age g the entire world by leaders of| in WASHINGTON and declared himself instead for|tion in August is coming im) 4 noricans for Democratic] poor remain poor or grow poor- ~ He Bg t confused withlevery major religious group,” meg taken by former|good faith, and I'm going to Action (ADA) yesterday|e%” ADA said. ee a Kennedy said, “this formula resident Truman. Mr. Truman accept that. charged the Eisenhower Admin-| ,The self-styled antiCCommu-| Mr, Truman, who previously|disregards one of the funda- dsicientiinisams —__—— has “heartlessly nes-(2> liberal organization voiced |had said he favored Stevenson,)ment! propositions upon | , istration hag “heartiessly neg jits complaints in a letter from explained in an interview that|/which this Nation is founded—| lected” the Nation's poor. ‘national director Edward D.|he was maintaining neutrality|all men are created equal.” | “The facts of the extent pad bow send oink a pow because i regards it ee athe a4 wg in ic ; “fsa.), is duty to do everythin e; Girect COnnict w e ara- pOveESy wi anes Agere a _ heads the Senate-House EcO/can + » 4 to unif ‘the Re tion of Independence, the prin- cruel flaws in our prosperity c o try y ) , nomic Subcommittee on Low! crats. ciples set forth in the Consti- and in the Administration's pol-/Income Families, which has| fie made it clear. however,| tution of the United States and ices under which the well-to-| been conducting hearings on!that he doesn’t believe in unity|our traditional standafdis—of| . do have grown richer while the| methods of fighting poverty. obtained at the price of a com-| decency arid justice.” Hollander said one of every|promise which would steer the} He said that administration; + five or six families in the Unit-|Democrats on a “conservative”! __ ed ey nae a 7 on amt , np ang firm a the E : am poverty line” and he calle contention they must ar a _- Meany Gives “a national disgrace.” “liberal” label if they are to| Unusual Jewelry Gifts veryone in “These facts also expose the win the presidency in 1956. hed a ete pearls the Famil cynical design of the Adminis- 0+ BOG, SvOr ane

Warning on tration to use the theme of Old Gaullist Unit Asks hit i; a a Will P lay

‘prosperity’ as a hoax, first to JEWELS 17th St. N.W.

Red Attitude {fix nckstay to help the iow Constitutional Reform |$ pogn Tenn Poo 4 and Enjoy It.

tion necessary to help the low income families and, farther, ASNIERES, France, Nov. 20 saves labor. Try it—$1.00 We will put a Chord Organ AFL President George Meany|to justify cutting public serv- '—The Social Republican Con- = > in your home for a 3-day

ing at|ices to make possible tax cuts told a Dad's Day gathering for a favored few,” he said. vention here adopted a plat- trial, at no cost whatsoever.

Trinity College yesterday that ; | = he refused to pay tribute to Bh oy aged Bnd. abr ager 7 form for the coming elections|§ Nowa HEARING AID en, _ Or you may have it on our the “spirit of Geneva” because . today reflecting continued ad- sstitelidinae ells Cell abies a Rental-Purchase plan, at &

it meant nothing until Russia| Priority to a general tax reduc- . eat P . te won he Gen, sas oe m ae low monthly rate, Phone or

tion, treed her satellite states. The recommendations dealt|Gaulle, who founded the party SO TINY | 48 y Pe ek |! dress We at onic of uw tena

“We cannot afford the luxury|with a “food stamp” plan,|but later repudiated it. of self-deception,” the labor/school Tunch and milk pro-| The principal plank in the|—| Men wear it as tte ; women i wet stores, leader told a communion break-| grams, public housing, slum platform was a demand for re-\s 3°" it in the hale no cord tie ai” i ' fast of 700. “Nor can we afford|cjearance, low cost rural hous-|vision of the French constitu- pits 3% to get tired of the cold war.”/ing, disability insurance, medi-|tion to give the country a stable

He added: “No one suggests|caj care, expansion of medical|system of government.

going to war, but we must be facilities, Federal and for school N ) 10 N fF WASHINGTON’S FAVORITE MUSIC STORE SINCE 1909 prepared.” construction and for teachers’| jae ——ee hae

. ud a for ned ~ “for fatnities : é ; ,

omination, said, see ts) depressed areas, W I P THE HOUSE OF 7

destroy the principles of) public assistance and social se- Of falliinte HEARING 4

decency, truth and justice as/ curity grants. | 13th & G Sts., H.W. 9332 Ga. Ave., S. S$. 5169 Lee Hwy. Ari.

sanieaniie tad the Sense as | . 901 Washington BLDG. the Mount. _ G / | f 1S 1435 G St. N.W. Di. 7-0921 | * STerling 3-9400 Wniper 5-1105 KEnmore $-2750 How fo land more customers | Fotowin ns wx, wens) b MOTHER ee ae fata Sete cmcnict rahe! We nd Suz fees Sete eee Bg oocpay ton df] ee and better customers, fake advantage of ‘National's swift, « jof Meany's moves are students,| £- A HOLIDAY, TOO! og TCHAIKOVSKY i in Quincy pl, Biadeusburg, Md. | giving dioner n't mech ~@ || PIANO CONCERTO Fly NATIONAL AIRLINES to _ ae Le Mest Rev. age of a holiday foe her, ‘§ CHICAGO SYMPHONY = sgn Bye ob Rare Botng ey jg || commucren By Fritz

Agents for Cavanagh Hats and yA pre Neckwear


for members of the newly- ; P RICHMOND organized Trinity Fathers Club. ° f- NEW BERN Officers are Arthur L. Quinn Bountiful ** R f | N b "4 of 4426 Macomb st. nw., - WILMINGTON, N.C. CHARLESTON SAVANNAH dent; he C. Braniff, Tulsa, THANKSGIVING Ora vice president; Col. Joseph F. and other key cities in the East, Southeast, Gulf Coast and O’Brien of Stillwater, Minn. TURKEY DINNER RESERVE YOUR COPY

Cuba. Interchange flights to Texas, California, Great Lakes, Pienk imis Central and South America. Possmsiie, ht. wenmeri pen 9500 Desserts @ |] ropay rong 3 98

tere Family Plen in effect Tuesdays, Wedaesdeys, Thursdays Court of Appeals Judge Charles

‘} Noon to 9 P.M. Or you

DELIVERY Heve © rental cer waiting ot airport under National's Fly & Drive Pien Fahy, consultant. Served Thursday from THIS WEEK } may order a la carte. ,

See your trevel egent er call NATIONAL for reservations enywhere Phone STerling 3-5454 Moscow Subway

"XINIATIONAL ec Csicied |}: “2-794 |The Dise Shop

: TARS MOSCOW, Nov. 20 #—M ; » 2 9s AIRLINE OF THE & cate temic hte Call NAtional 8-0629 10 am-10 pm. DU. 7.1353 High Fidelity AM-FM plus Shortwave—

way—one of the city’s top

Seite ee “OPUS” by TELEFUNKEN er critic e in the illus-

sider critical fire im the illus BROADCAST TONIGHT y

er used to iicent Communist party denun- s , ; ; Pe | y a cakin "ae, enakinena ae signed especially for the American market

take us... and now I'm Ff + ecg om. Soviet the Good Music Station as 969°”

Pi mee Hecrts, ,test criticism yma ) 570 AM 1035 FM : ily.’ || vo m an article by V. F. , 05 f , Saning my family Promislov, first deputy chair- 8:05 to 9 pm.

: Telefunken of Germany is building the

6 Himan of the Moscow Soviet's ee | & ee r YY , executive committee. | Kee, ee ee finest AM-FM high fidelit uipment i ii Promislov said the subways mUeNE Hi ed this de vou dot teil 1s Merete lea 8b 5 s price range. Not only do you get drift- ini Myweys ue pon tulienaiee se] = STATION WAGON ee | Sie moe eee

orations are overdone. EDD ae ae ers, inputs for record player, and tape

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Post Book Fair Visited by 35 000

-|Mrs. Haynes May Face \Longer Hospital Stay

and Times Herald week-long Children’s Book Fair, which ended yesterday, drew a record total attendance of more than 35,000. Last year’s attendance was about 30,000.

The sixth Washington rong °

~ Highlighting the final day of|

the Fair at the Pan American Union was a -performance by Larry Kettelkamp, magician, author and illustrator of the new book “Spooky Magic.” With his nimble fingers and

the usual props—including the

inevitable magic wand—Kettel- kamp transformed an audience of squirming children into a goggle-eyed assemblage.

He pulled eggs out of thin air, made a rope stand up by itself and—wonder of wonders —apparently swallowed several needles and a thread.

This bit of legerdemain par- ticularly impressed nine-year- old Peter Hartsock, 313 South- ampton dr., Silver Spring, Md., who acted as Kettelkamp’s “straight man” during the trick.

After “swallowing” the nee- dies and thread, Kettelkamp asked Peter to look in his mouth and tell the spectators if they were in sight.

Apparently the needles and thread had disappeared, for Peter could only grasp the microphone and squawk with astonishment. Then Kettel- kamp withdrew the thread from his mouth, with the

. * o “9 ° *

Stef Photos by Bob Burchette

Artist Jose Bermudez and Estellita Hart of the Pan Ameri-

can Union’s educational division, show a film on Peru as part of their presentation at the Book Fair yesterday.