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- Box

Tuning and Repairing.


Do You Want


If so we cnn suit you in style, color and price, GOOD USEFUL KID GLOVES in Tans, Browns only GOc. pair. Specia. line |

Blacks and Colors, 75o pair.

For Easter ?

Note a few of our. makes :—

WHITE CASTOR GLOVES, 4 mannish buttons, 75c, pair, worth $l.

WHITE FRENCH CHAMOIS, Barnhardt shape, only $1 pair.

BLACK KID GLOVES with white stitching, 800, to $l. te: f TRILBY KID GLOVES, Tans only, made of Russian leather, worth $1.85, for $l.

LADIES’ KANGAROO GLOVES, Tans only, made for wear,

buttons, $1.25,

stylish, in four

PERRIN’S BRETANGR, 7 hook lacing, $1, worth $1.25, COURSIER KID GLOVES, 4 large buttons, colors, only $1 pair. « ALEXANDRE PARIS.”—This King of Kid Gloves is sold exclusively by our

firm in Kingston. We keep them in Blacks

guaranteed ; price $125,

and Colors in Lacing Studs; every pair

EVENING SHADES of Kid Gloves $1.50 to $2. fi


Some of our weather prophets are predicting a late spring.

Our little village was the scene of a happy | event last Wednesday evening, March 27th. At her mother’s residence Miss Sarah Cronk | was married to Mr. Geo. Loyat, of Gull Creek. Congratulations,

Mrs, A, Martin is convalescent, *

Miss A, B, Lucas is visiting her sister near Odessa.


Mr. Adam Palmer has rented T. Mills’ blacksmith shop where he will be prepared to do all kind of blacksmith work 4

Mr. Hugh Leach proposes moving to Deser- onto in the near future,

Mr. Phillip McGonnet’s baby, who has been dangerously ill, is mending nicely under the care of Dr, Morden,

Mrs. Ernest Thompson hes been visiting her parents for a few days,

Everybody has had their share of the Ger- man measels.


We deliver all orders free of postage charges. Send money by P.O, Order or

Registered Mail.

Address a Postal Card to




KING of Canada,

Then write ‘upon the other side:

Dear Sir,—

Please send me samples of Wall Paper suitable for (mention rooms) and not to exceed (mention price) per single roll. I saw your advertisement 'in (mention paper).

: Yours truly,


WA will receive by return mail samples of Wall Paper suitable for aay kind of a home,

and which we parte

in Canada, The samples wi

guarantee better, and lower in be large and in sets comprising Wall Paper and Border, and

rice than any other house

will enable you to make a selection for an entire house as you sit by your own fireside and

TA friends to assist in the selection, | ‘ou have absolutely no responsibility in the

above and we do all the rest—send you samples enclosing order

matter—you simply write the

postal as blanks, a guide t

How to

Paper or Economy in House Decoration,” showing how to estimate the quantities required for the different rooms, and directions for ordering, etc., in fact we entirely zeller enol of fs

the trouble and anxiety of Wall Paper shopping.

Can we y more? Our Ma: i charges on all orders of a reasonable size.

We Positively Guarantee Satisfaction.

i] Order Department reaches throughout the Dominion. We pay the express Full instructions with samples.

Ses SIN Ceo



f= WALL PAPER from 5 cents to $10 per roll.

SPRING, 1895.


We are now showing our New Importations in the fol-

‘lowing lines :—

Hemp Carpets,

Union Carpets,

nee. Carpets, ° Tapestry Carpets, : Bekpanln Cariatas

Velvet Carpets,

Wilton Carpets, Axminster Carpets, Beautiful Art Squares, Wool Crumb Cloths, Lifoleums and Oilcioths.

| | |

Smyrna Rugs,

Velyet Rugs,

Goat hugs,

Oileloth Rugs,

Cocoa Maitings,

Twine Mattings, etc., etc., Hider Down Pillows, Art Muslins,

Art Sateens,

Drapery Silks,

Silk Fringes, etc,, etc,,

Also the very newest makes in

Chenille Curtains, Chenille Table Covers, Lace Curtains,

Trish Point Curtains,

Tapestry Coveringe,

Brocatelle Coverings,

Art Window Shadea,

Curtain Poles and Fixtures, *

Special value in Household Napery.

Table Linens,

Table Napkins,

Linen Doylies

Plain and T willed Bleached Sheetings, Plain and Twilled unbleached Sheetings, Circular Pillow Cottons,

Table Plush,

Huck Towela,

Crepe Towels. Damask Towels, Turkish Towels,

Bath Mitts,

Butcher’s Linen, Roller Towellings, etc.

_ It would be impossible to enumerate each and every article in our House Furnish- ing Department, but we cordially invite intending purchasers to give us a call,as we are bound to lead the trade in this department.


Succeesors to the late W. DUNNET.



bu she is doing welll

Se ee eran eee Se

Work on the new dairy is progressing.

The Missis Richards are recovering from their recent illness.

A bear’s den with three cubs was found in the upper end of the Island,

A veer chased by houncs came over from the main land and rushed into the upper gap to cross to Prince Edward, It was followed by men in a boat und captured alive. It weighed 250 lbs.

The Shamrock is the name of our new foot- ball club which will be prepared to hold its own against all comets,


Miss Maggie Davy, of Bath, is the guest of Mrs, W. D. Roblin, this past weelc,

Mr, Samuel Huff, of Cressy, has been re- newing acquaintances in Dorland and Adol-

hustown. §

Rev. J, C. Ash, of Belleville, spent Sunday in Dorland, the guest of Redford Dorland, Wsq. :

Our school is progressing favorable under the management of Miss Gurien, of Sandhurst.

Mr, Fred Roblin and Mrs. John H. Roblin visited Northport for a coup'e of days last week,

A sugar social and concert under the auspices of the A. O. U. W. will be given in the Towr Hall, Adolphustown, on Friday, April 5th. Lots of sugar and a good pro- gramme,

The roads are ina very bad condition just at present. 5


The death of Mr, Gilbert Woodcock occurred on Friday, March 28, at 5 a. m, He had not been well for a few days but death came to him very suddenly, He was a victim of asthma, The funeral, which took Place on Monday, was very large considering the bad roads and the snow storm, and gave evidence of the esteem and respect in which the deceased was held by his friends, The service was conducted by Rey. H, I. Allen, whose text was Psalm 23, verse 4, ‘Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadw of death. I will fear no evil” The remains were placed in the vault of the Napanee cemetery.

The enow is going rapidly and the roads are in bad shape,

Many farmers have tapped their trees and are making syrup and sugar,

Mr. Joseph Clarke’s youngest daughter sprained her ankle jumping out of a sleigh,


April 20d:—The roads from here to King- ston are very bad and on Saturday the stage was five hours on the way.

H. Lewis is laid up from having run a nasty nail in his foot:

Mate Johnston of the str. North King having passed his examinations at the Ontario Veterinary College is spending a few days at home before leaving for his boat.

Mr. Babcock, of Odessa, waited on the Council on Monday night, asking for a bonus of $500 to build a saw and grist mill here, If the money is forthcoming he agrees to put up a mill valued at $4000,

A young deer that has been hoyering near the village for the past few days was run down by Chae. Laird’s dog on Saturday; it only lived a few hours aftee being caught,

Sheriff Pruyn still continues very low and not much hopes are entertained of his recov- ery, ten “i ttaity


Roads bad: weathor fine,

Chopping wood and making sugar are all the rage now.

Mr, Thomas Thompson, formerly of Adolphustown, who has been staying with Mr. William Clark this winter died on Satur- day evening the 31st, aged 84 years.

Mr. Herbert Diamond has returned home after visiting friends in Belleville for the last week.

Mr. Abraham Carter Edward Clark's house.

Mr, Frank Clark is staying with his uncle, John Clark, Conway.

Rumor says a wedding soon,

Mr, & Mrs. Finly B. Galt and sister have been under the doctor's care from heavy colds; we are glad to hear that they are much better.

Mr. Jonas Garrison, one of ‘our aldermen, is preparing to move on his own farm,

We are sorry to hear that Mr, George Loyst bas been quite ill,

Mr, Marshal Davis, our popular milk drawer, has lost the contract this year, and all regret it.

Capt, D. Griffith, our much esteemed Reeve of South Fredericksburg, has been quite ill with o severe cold and lame back but we are pleased to hear that he is much improved.

Mr. Goorge Wagar has been busy drawing ie pressed hay to Napanee for tho last few


has moved into


Tho Oak Hall have them and lots of them too, Wo have in atoch to-day over one thousand pairs, For the little boy of 4—5 ond G years of ago you can get a pair of | panta for 250ts, We won't be “jun sold out” when you come after them. We not only have uw large stock of these goods butan unusually well su sd atock., Ib don’t pay you mothers to male boys’ pants




Belleville, - Ontario. Porter and Pale Ale in’ Wood or



ttles. Bottled Ale for Family use

We are grieved to have to chronicle the sad news of the sudden death of Mrs. Thos. | 5, Deacy, an old and esteemed resident of our village. She was taken suddenly ill on Wed- nesday while dining, and on Friday evening passed peacefully away in spite of the united efforts of physician and kind friends, She is survived by her husband, one son, and foar daughters, who have the sympathy of the entire neighborhood in their bereavement. Rev. Father Mackay of Belleville, the former pastor of St. Mary's attended the funeral of the late Mrs. Deacy, on Sunday. On Wednesday last, Miss Priscilla, Miss Minnie and Master James Lafferty, of Stirling. Jeft here for Wyoming where they intend to remain some time. What makes one of our young men look so lonesome this last week? Some near friend must be ‘worse than dead,” Miss Libbie Dryden was the guest of Miss Mabe! Ryan on Sunday last.

La Brippe has visited this section again and our achool was closed last wetk.

CARMANVILLE. March 28—Mr, and Mrs. Jas. Scanlin, of Enterprise, spent Sunday with Mr, and Mrs. D. McKeown. Miss Ethel Brown spent a couple of days with friends here. Mr, and Mrs, Wm, Bell have returned to Tamworth, Mrs. John Reid who has_been sufferin; from an attack of grippe, is able to be aroun again. We heartily sympathize wtth one of our young men for having had to take so long a drive coming home from a social, not long since. It was not the fault of snow so much as of water, Miss May Evans spent Sunday with Miss Tat Dillon, The buzz of the saw mill is heard now, early in the morning and late in the evening. Mr, Reid is very busy having an unusally large number of logs to saw this spring, Master Corrie Cummings is ill with malaria fever, Miss Rose Storey is visiting ‘{riends in Kingston, S. is a first class captain but it takes F, to do the planning.


Ex-Principal Chief J, B. Brant has leased his farm for a term of years, The lessee is going to turn his attention to market garden- ing.

The wile of Chief S. Loft, who has been suffering for years from a sore leg, had it amputated below the knee by the skilful hand of Dr, Newton on the 29th of March, She is doing well and likely to make a speedy recovery.

The Easter offerings of the Parish will bein aid of the Mission Fund of the Diocese, It is expected that the response to the appeal will be liberal,

A young man of Deseropto who frequently attends service at Christ church presented a handsome prayer book for use on the altar,

Two of the teachers on the Reserve did not put in an appearance at the Inspector's town+ ship convention on the aang of March,

The measles are prevalent on the Reserve,

R. M. Jack has been very busy overseeing the rebuildiag of the dock at the store house. It isnow completed and the genial Robert is ready for the rush,


Mr. Thomas Thompson died at the resi- dence of his nephew, Mr, Wm, T, Clark on Saturday night, at the advanced age of

visit to everything in good shape,

school which we observe anniversaries during the year evening children was quite successful, the children all doing their part nicely. ly mention Misa Pearl Hogle who gave a solo |’ entitled ‘Yes, Ill Be Your Sweetheart” in grand style,

care and training she is sure to make her



Another winter has put in its appearance,

but we hope however it will not last long.

Mr, F, Burrows, I, P. S.. paid his official our echool on Friday and reports

Sunday was a gala day in our Sabbath has about three On Monday the given by the


We wou'd particular-

Although young, Pearl did well. She has a clear, sweet voice and with proper

mark as a singer.

A number of our young people attended the concert in Newburgh on Friday night. Mr. C. H. Finkle, of Newburgh, passed through our village on Friday en route for Kingston, Mr, Woodruff, of Sydenham, who has lately taken possession of our grist mill is so busy that he has to run night and day.

It is reported that one of our belles is marry one of Yarker’s business men,

Mr. John Wheeler, of Tamworth, has bought out Shiner’s barber shop and takes possession on Friday,



April 2nd :—The last meeting of the S. L. S. was held on Saturday last. The subject for the evening was, Whether Party Govorn- ment had proved inself more beneficial to a country than a Coalition government, The affirmative had: the best of the argument. Songs were well rendered by Messrs Daggert and Moon and Misses Purdy and Winter, Mr. Sharpis about to move into the house now occupied by Mr, Walker who intends returning to his farm at Murvale. Miss C, Wood has returned from Kingston whore she has been visiting friends. Two deaths which call forth the heartfelt sympathy of the community have occurred during the last week. One is the death of Mrs, Laidley’s four months old baby son, and the otheris that of Mrs. Gibson, of Murray, the mother of one of our high school students.

Walter Jaquith has returned from the medical college, Kingston, He intends dur- ing the summer to act as_purser on the Maud.

The S, L. S, intend giving an “At Home” on the 24th inst.

Mr. Switzer and W. Knapp are building a boat houee.

James McMiilan has gone to Perth where he has secured employment.

Council met on Monday last.

The concert at Harrowsmith was attended by a load from here.

Mr, Joseph Kelly has returned fcom Ottawa,



Mc, Harry McDonald moves to the Frank McDougal farm this week.

Me, Frank Wallbridge is putting a large addition to his barn, John Clazie ia busy hauling sawlogs to Sbannonville,

William Doxtator has started making maple

sugar. fast spring at this time people were sow- ing. 2 Miss Maud Greatrix is visiting friends in Belleville. rf

Shannonville League held services here on Sunday, i

Mc, James Bunnett is busy getting out


Af, Arthur Cooper occupied the pulpit at Point Ann on Sunday.

Mt, Lewis McDonald was the guest of Mr. Allen Palmer on Sunday last.

twenty four yeare. His remains were placed in the Allieon vault on Monday,

Mrs. Conrad Sills 1s confined to her bed with lung trouble but we trust that under the skillful treatment of Dr, Northmore she will soon be around again,

Mr. J. S. Neilson, of Stella, paid Conway a flying visit last week.

The Workmen did not open their lodge Monday night as their attendance was rather emall,

Mr. Jas. Hill, Jr., has gone to Centreville to take charge of his cheese factory out there.

The farmers in thls vic'nity have started to make sugar but find the weather rather un- favorable yet,

Mr. W. H. McDonall reports business rather dull owing to the bad state of the roads. oe Farmers started their spring work about the oth of April last year but will have to drop back a little later this season,

The ice is'in good condition on the bay yet.

March came in like a lamb and weat out the same which kills the old prophecy,


Our village is getting quite out of the depths of obsolirity of late and those who had forgotten ‘onsdale doubtless have now a vivid recollection that this charming village is still in existence.

The Epworth League 1s progressing very favorably, and large crowds are in attendance every Monday evening notwithstanding the bad roads,

Mr, Hiram Stafford has removed from our midst and gone to Empey Hill having rented the farm of Mr. Jas, Gordon,

Your correspondent of last week intimates a wedding but a *Hittle bird” has been good enough to inform us that the event has been declared off, Try again, ‘There are as good fish in the sea as ever was caught. Doubtless the three ministers of the town re- fret very much the postponement of the wedding,

Mrs, Jas, McGuiness, has returned from Belleville, having spent w fow days visiting her daughter Mrs. W, A. Ji Gardy of that city.

Rev, F, H, and Mrs, McDonald, of Queena. boro, paid a visit to Mr. and Mrs. M, C. Lozier.

Several from Lonsdale attend the quarterly | S. S. review at Salem, A Jarge number were present and an interesting and profitable time was spent,

Miss Anable McRae is visiting friends in Belleville

We understand that Rev, Garbutt purposes giving a special and interesting Easter service.

By consulting our optician you eacapo nny jojury to your sight and ascertain the pro- por cause to pursue regerding the use of

glunees, ‘Lesting free, Aoyus McKee & Co,

friends in this vicinity has returned home. The weather is very cold for the first o April,

“Mc. Henry Davis and wife were the guests

of their daughter Mrs, Thos. Vinan on Sunday. Misa Pearsall held public examination here on Friday March 29th, Me, John Palmer, of Belleville, in this vicinity on Sunday.

bred Aycshire calf, A Our choir was rather amall on Sunday. The country around is infested with tramps.



Our village seems to be-quiet at present,

The big snow storm of Monday settled it now We are expecting warmer weather and to go into sugar making, everyone eager to go into something.

The roads, to put it mildly, are of the worst kind, scareely able to go anywhere,

On Monday the funeral cortege taking the late Gilbert Woodcock, who died after a ehort illness, to the vault at Napance passed this place.

On Monday, Mr, S, Barnhart, of Hay Bay, had a stroke of apoplexy, but ws hear he is improving,

Bn Tuesday two officers from Napance passed through here with a man taking him to town, a free ride. Aaah

A few daya ago we were startled in this vtcinity by hearing that some of our people living at the East End could not make out the language used by some people of the West End which was likely to cause a great deal of bitterness between tho partic#, but by referring to his worship at Napanee he made it as plaio as daylight to all concerned. Charged a nominal sum fcr the use of his SEND satisfied the majority and the minority paid the bill. ,

Tho P. M. says he was in a terrible fix last week as the result of Tue Trinunt getting delayed or missed somehow, did not arrive by the mail; parties that take TH® TRIBUNE eannot live properly without it, Ho says be hopes it will not again ccour.

Visitors; Miss Mary Lunn aod Mrs, Solmes, of Napanee; Afiss A/Zaud Howell, of Richmond and Mr, George Howell and Afiss Howell, also Mr, Benson Moore, of Napanee, at Jfiss Bila DMellow’s,


Most mon expect to buy a now suit and probavly o light overcoat, this spring. Havo you tho desito to make $5 to 88 on your suit and a similiar amount on an over. cout? Moat likely you have, Thon, will you come to the Oak Hall, Belleville, and noo what wo oan d6 for you? Lf you walk to the custom tailor, and pay him bie price, without first secing what we oan do for you, why, itis your own fault if you are ‘olok’

272 Front street, Belleville,

272 1


Miss Eva Greatrix who has been visiting r,| ley’, Napaneo,

was visiting | farmer and fruit grower and particularly

Mr. Wm. Clazie has imported a thorough | *


Cararrn Kevizven 1s 10 ro 60 Mixutes —One short puffof the breath through the Blower, supplied with each bottle of Dr, Ag- new’e Catarrhal Powder, diffuses this Pow over the surface of the nasal passages. Pain- less and delightful to use, it relieves instantly, and permanently cures Catarrh, Hay Fever, Colds, Headache, Soro Throat, Tonsil and Deafness, 60 cente. At W. G. Egare,


Council met on Tuesday, the 26thida of March, 1895, John O,’ Hanley, metre) Benjamin Osborne, lst Depuly Reeve Patrick McAipine, 2nd Deputy Reeve; George Munro and Robert H. Scott. Coun- cillors, }

The minutes of last seasion were read and confirmed. :

The Reeve introduced a by-law to ap- point a Court or Revision and a by-law to change the boundaries of certain school sections in the Township of Tyendinaga which were confirmed in committee, signed sealed and numbered,

In accordance with a resolution passed atthe February meeting of council th Clerk asked the several printing offices i the County to send him tenders for the printinge and stationry required for mun cipal purposes for the year 1895, receiving terders from the following offices; Intelli- gencer Printing Company, $70; Sun Office, $72.30; Ontario Office $58, On motion of Mr, Scott, seconded by Mr, Osborne, the tender from the Ontario Office being the lowest was accepted,

On motion the following bills were

assed in committce and placed on the ist for jpermeny Rk. F, Pegan, coffin for John Winters, $7; Patrick A. Shaonon, two cords of wood for poor, $7; the Clerk making duplicate collector's roll, expenses in connection therewith, postage, etc.. $9.09; Wm. Drummey, repairing bridge over Mud Creek south of Slash road sto and extra work on bridge, $250; Ate, Hanley, drawing and registering the Fitzgerald deed, $3.05; Thomas Creeper, coal for poor, $3.75 ; Dennis D, Callaghi wood for Town Hall, $3.26. = __

: Council adjourned till the firet Tuesda in May.

A. B, Rayparn, Clerk.


That you can buy on very reasonable terms, Good hand made harness, warranted at $12.00 oset. McLaughlin's Carriages, the Champian Drill,Seeders, Cultivators, Harrows, the best make of Plows, Coro Scutflers, Gonners Improved Warshing Ma- chines, Wringors, the Dandy, Daisy, Per- fection and Cradle Churns at Miles S, ii |

w :

=. IMPORTANT EXPERIMENTS, To the Lditor of Tax Trrvsz. I desire to call the attention of every

the members of our local Farmere’ Institute the announcement that a representative of the Minister of Agriculture will be io Belleville and conduct certain sprayin experiments on the 10th of April at 2 o'cloc! p.m. 1n viel ef the necessity of acquiring all information possible regarding the preser- vation of our fruit from ite many insect enemies, it is to be hoped that every person interested who can tind it possible to attend will do so, J, C. Hantey.

President of Kast Houtings Farmers’ Io- stitute, “J , ?:

The Citizens’ Band will contribute some of thoir very best selections at the concertin Union Hali this evon- ing, .

——_—_ :


8. 8, NO. 10 TYENDINAGA.

Fourth Class—Olive Allison 295, Annio McKonty 291, John Gibson 276, Frank Murphy 260.

Third Clase—Pearl Allison 274, Frank Gibson 222, James Kenny 210, Minnie Hayes 192, Katie Fields 113, Sarah Gibson 88,

Second Clasa—Annio Ashley 212, Mary a MacFarlane 190, Lona Allison, 170. : Genrnupe Brown, Teacher, 5. 8. NO 15, TYENDINAGA, x “J Sonior Fourth—Ethel Eaton 313, Jennie a

kolly 311, Gertie Milligan 310, Emil Callaghan 295, Aggie Doyle 266, William 7 O'Sullivan 252, Wilbert Osborn 241, Arthur TUll 287, Loretto Murphy 226, Lena Milligan

167, (Maximum 400, a tectee Vourth—Luoy MoConnell 304, Michael Doyle 288, Lucy Kennedy 281,

(Maximum 400,) 2 a Senior Third—Anaatasia O'Sullivan 245, :

Georgo Hill 219, Patrick Doyle 213, Mary O'Sullivan 177, Eddie Kgan 169, (Maximum

300 ) ‘8 . E. Snider has reduced the

prices of all lines of Jewellery, g

Clooks, Watches: silver and plated a

were, cto. as the owners have de- cided to rebuild the block in which " his store is located and he must, therefore: move to other temporary 7 quarters:


; AM. P.M. Py M. AM, P.M. P.M. Tweed Ly, 700 3 00) Kingston Ly 6 45 330 Stoco Tes 8 10|G.’ .R,June 655 840 Larkins 720 8 25/Glenyale 717 408 Marlbank = =7 35 8 40| Murvalo 127 418 Eringville 750 $55) Hor’smithAr..7 40 430 Tamworth $00 200 410|Sydenham Ar 650 Wilson* Har’smithLy,.§ 20 430 Enterprige $18 229430/Frontenso 832 44 Mudlake Bridge* Yarker Ar, $40 450 Moscow 8 30 235 443)Yarkor Ly. 90012455 U5 Galbraith* Galbraith® Yarker Ar, 843 260 455) Moscow 916 1005 22 Yarker Ly, 850 Mudlake Bridye* Frontenac 9 00 Enterprise 9301155 36 Harrowswnlth 905 Ar, | Wilson*

Sydenham S800 Ly. Tamworth 9501385 553

rrowemith 905 Ly. Erinsville 1000 605 Murvale 917 Marlbank 1015 618 Glenval* Larking == 10.30 635 G, E.R. Juno. 9 50 Stoco 1050 650

* Kingston & Syacuham to|Deseronto & Napanee to

Montreal, P. Q,

a Marvelous Medicine

* Whenever Given a Fair Trial

Hood’s Proves Its Merit. Tho following letter is from Mr. J. Alcide Chaussé, architect and surveyor, No. 153 Shaw Street, Montreal, Canada: |G, I, Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass, : “Gentlemen: —I haye been taking Hood's Sarsaparilla for about six months and am glad to say thatithas dono moa great deal of good. Last May my weight was 152 pounds, but since




I began to take Hood's Sarsaparilia it has in- creased to163, I think Hood's Sarsaparilia isa marvellous medicine and am very much pleased with it" J. ALer

Hood’s Pills Dillousness, jaundice, sick headache, indigestion,



Eastern Staudard Time, Taking effect Noy, 26, 1894


Tweed to Kingston.

Kingston to Tweod.

Kingston Ar, 10 00 Tweed Ar, 11.00 700

Tweed and Tamworth to|Desoronto and

panee to Napance &Dew ito, Tamworth & Tweed,

AM. P.M. P.M (Al) AM. Pot. Paty Tweed Ly. 700 8 00\Deseronto 700 Stoco 703 8 10/ Deseronto Jct. ‘0 Larkins 720 $25|Napunce Ar 7 85 Maribank 735 8 40|Napanee Ly7 50 12 00 4.20 Erineville 760 8 56) Napance MlaS v6 1215 4 26 Tamworth 800 200 4 10|/Newburgh 815 1223 4 42 Wilson* ‘Th’tn's Mis, 8 20 Enterprise 818 220 4 30|Camdeu K. 8 25 128) 450 Mudlake Bridge* Yarker Ar, 8 83 1245 6 00 Moscow 830 285 443) Yarker Ly. 9 00 1246 5 U5 Galbraith* Galbraith* Varker Av, § 43 250 4.55) Mosoow 915 100522 YorkerLy. % 0 250 6 .0|Mudlake Brideo*

CamdenKast 9 13 3 Uz 6 23\Enterprise ¥ 80 115 535 ‘Th'in's Mills ¥ 18 Wilson* * Nowburgh 993 815 680|/Tamworth 9f0 1365 643

Napanee Mls 9 34 3 25 6 40|/Erinayille 10 00 605 Napanee Ar. 9 bv $40 5 bb) Marlbank 19 15 618 Napanee, Leave 616)Larking 10 30 639 Deseronto Junct, 6 Y0|Stoco 10 60 650 Deseront, Ar. 6 48|Tweed Ar. 11 00 7.00

Napance &Deseronto, Sydenham & Kinston,

Leave. AM. Pw. M| Leave Am. Fo. Pom, Kingston 645 8 30) Deseronto 7 00 GTR. Jet, 655 8 40) Deseronto J.7 20 Glenvale 717 Napanee A7 35 Murvale 727 418)Napanes L760 1200 420 ean Read 430 pees ce 1216 43: ydenham L, lewburgh 815 1223 442 jar’smith L. 8 20 4 30!Th'son’sM.8 20 Srontenac 832 4 42/Cainden E8 %5 1230 450 darker Ar, 840 4 60|Yarker Ar.8 83 1246 600 Yarker Ly, 900 250 5 10)Yarker Ly.8 50 616 Camden B. 913 $0 6 23/Frontenac 9 00 622 Th’son’sMls 9 18 Har'smith A.9 05 6 85, Newburgh 923 3 16 5 30|Sydenham Ar. 650 NapanceMls9 43 3 25 6 40) Har’emith L.9 05 Napanee A.960 840 555)/Murvale 017 Napaneo L, 616|Glenvale* Deveronto Junc. 6 80/G.T.R. Jot.9 60 Deveronto 645|Kingston A. 10 00

*Trains stop on Signal,

E228 8B 4 Ji 23 2

3 cna ® : RE 23 o 8

G28 2 ; Fac

ca ~ x 2 ?

Broo © a Breen Be

so 2 :

Gass & = aa ge 2 < a) ABS &. Be sss 8 3 a2 8 2 4 oa 88S rd 5 Saka S w ¢ Be nan e 5 = 5 é ans Writs ge 3 % ts 2 sk na . eee ;2£ Ba go 8 euisse a, site 3 £y see 3 Baees Rn sg

Eals an #2 Sco00 o = [11 > ta ee - i = ad e&s22 3 _ iat et e SG ac E lh le ate Ce a

6235 A fa sg 3 ¢

wae a4 ~ 3 E

RS a owas yah re

,e8 of 2558 ° £¢2

q 283 & SeeBELE



Deseronto with ateamors for Bay of Quinte ay Lake Ontario Voints and tages Pay of Quinte aid

Napante with Grand Trunk Railway cast ond wost

Tweed with Canadian Pacific Kailway for all polnts east and west. With stazesfor Madoc and Bridge. water, 7A.™.

Kingston with Grand Trunk Rallway for all pointe east and west, and with steaiiers for Cape Vincent, ‘or Montreal, for Thousand Island and Kiver 8t, Law rence points, aod al! polutson the ay of Quinte dur. ing Mmrowsnith with Kingston & Pewhroko Railway

th and Ottawa,

DO eRnesnen ie Camden Kast for Centerville ;

and Bestaond,, Yarker for Petworth. Tamworth tor Centreville dallyand Ardeny tri-wookly, Tuesdays, a di Naturday®. Tekin TimecTable ‘snows the times at whioh tho Trains may be expected to arrive stand dopart from the severu: Stations; Lut, av tho roy ularity of Trains depends on connection with other lines, the Arrivals Mt thetline tated aro not guarantocd

The Cribune.

(FRIDAY, APRIL, 5, 1895.


A cheese box factory may be started in Perth.

Kingston expests & grand demonetration on May 24th,

Miss Mary Ray, aged 40, of Napanoo, died last week,

A kindergarten school will be opened ia Almonte in April.

Thore are 47 pationta in tho house of industry, Kingeton,

©. Dulmage haa moved on A, Kudgin’s place, Point Travorae,

R. W. Miller has been appointed poat- mastor at Bridgowater,

Dr. J. W. Wright, of Picton, willremovo to East Saginaw, Mich,

Roy Olark, Sharbot Lake, float two of his toos while cutting wood,

A Picton papor states that St, Patrick was a native of Prince Kdwerd,

Bolleville's vital statistics for March were births 7, marriages 7, doathe 15,

Mr, & Mra, J, B, Bongard, of Bongarda’ Corners, have removed to Chicego.

New Methodist and Roman Catholic churches will be built at Havelock.

J. E. Kellar, Arden, and Hattie Abrams, Napanee, were married, March 27,

By the explosion of a lamp John Fisher's barn at Tweed was reduced co ashes.

A potato bug was seon the other day pros- pocting on the streets of Pembroke.

Charles Conway, one of tho oldest resi- dents of Newburgh, died last week.

Howard Oals, aged 18, of Welcome, near Port Hope, twas killed bya falling tree,

At Irish Creek thirty barrels of bull pouts were caught aud shipped to New York.

Timothy Rigney, formerly a grocer in Kingston, died recently at Rat Portage.

Over two hundred tramps have taken shelterin Napanee police station since Jan 1,

Captain Horne, Wolfe Island, has pur- chased the sehr. Picton formerly of Cobourg.

Mrs. Johnson, relict of the late Jacob Johnson, Belleville, died on March SO, aged 85.

Belleville people complain of the quality of the milk furnished Zby vendors io that city,

Henry Tioney, aged 95, of Cobourg dropped dead while preparing for the noon meal, 1)Mrs, Edward Clancy, formerly of the Contivental hotel, Belleville, died in Toronto.

Horbert B. Joyce, eged 19, formerly of Storm's Cornere, died uf Watertown on March 21,

J. C. Hawley has purchased the house and lot of the late Alex, Smith, South Napanee.

Tbe store and: dwelling occupied by’ R, Perse, Brockville, was destroyed by tire on Monday. y

Oliver W. Huff, of Frankford, and Sarah Bush, of 4th cou, Sidney, were married, March 27.



Chas, Walker, of Tyondinaga, charged Erastus Davis, of Thurlow, with appropriat ing treos and wood to his own uso, at the police court this morniog. Plaintiff bought two trees for doft., but subsequently sold them to athird party, whom deft, refused to allow to tuke them, Judgment for plff, for $13.40, A. A. Roberts for the proscoutor, and deft, conducted his own case :—Jntelli- ences


Lonpon, March —The sight of Mr, Gladstone's oye Which was operated upon is markedly failing. The general health of the ex-Promier is good and he is in good spirits, Ihe power of ondurance is shown in hia work lust Thuraday. He paid o visit to the Speaker, after which he spent an hour in the museum of National History. Leav

ing there he called upon Sir Williim Har. court and in the evening he dined witha group of friends ofhis son, Mr, Henry Glad- stone,

ey Toe


No medicine that is not of more than ordinary merit suffers from imitations or substitutes, The fact that an imitation is offered is one of the strongest proofs of the excellent qualities of the genuine article, The Dr, Williams Medicine Co. is continually trying to impress upon the public tho fact that Dr. Williams Pink Pills are only sold in securely sealed boxes, the wrapper around which ia prioted in red ink aud bears the regiatered trade mark ‘Dr, Williams Pink Pills for Pale People.” Notwithstunding this conatant warning there are unscrupulous dealera hore and there who defraud the public by selling an imitation pill (aleo colored pink) either by the dozen, hundred or by the ounce, alleging that they are “nat as good,” or *jaat the sume’ as the genuine Dr. Williams Pink Pills, Thisis a falsehood and the unscrupulous dealer who offers the imitation knows it, but is more concerned for the extra he makes on the imitation than for the health of his unfortuaate victim,

# Will the public, in their own interest, bear in mind the following facte,—Dc, Williams Pink Pills are never sold by the dozen, hundred, or ounce, If avy dealer offers you a pill in this form (a0 matter whether colored pink or not) he is trying to cheat you and should bo avoided, Ph

The formula of Dr, Williams Pink Pills is a secret apd is known only to the company, Therefore if some desler tells you # substi- tute is “just the same” or *‘Juet as goo” he is simply trying to deceive you because there is a larger profit for him io selling the imitation, F

When you ask for Dr. Williams Pink Fills see that the trade mark is on the wrapper of every packuge, and do not be persuaded to take anything elae, no matter how plaus- ible a story tho dealermaytell. Imitations in medicine are always cheap, always worth- less and often dangerous, and penple who have a care for their health Will always refuse them,

Dr. Williams Pink Pills cure when other medicines fai), That's why they are imita- ted and that ia why you should iovist on

Edward Perry, Violet, has had one of hia eyes removed as the resuls of a former accident,

Stewart Paul, Bath, has engaged Mr, Card, of piieetitey to build him prst class barn and silo 4

Archibald Grier, Wungerford, in three monthe, buried his father, mother and io- fuot deughter,

A. McCallum, milk vendor, Kingston, had his leg broken in two places, his rig haviog capsized,

John Tierney, Adolphuatown, fell from hia hay mow to the barn floor aud fractured his thigh bone.

The work of covatructiog the Ottawa « | Perry Souod Railwoy is being very vigorously prosecuted,

The town of Trenton ia greatly disturbed owing to grave fiowncial dillivulties, the debt growiuy constantly.

A bill to give Cornwall separate echool o larger share of ths taxes was thrown out in the legislative aseembly,

C. Moore of Harrington, han been award- ed the contract of building w church tor the Anglicans of Harrowsmlth,

Jos. Heckson, of Mount Horeb, near Lindeay trapped a wild cat measuring 4 feet 6 inches from trial to muzzle.

_Hop-growers in Bloomfield have shipped 172 bales of hops direct to England aud will tuske larger shipments ina few days,

Mr, Sawyer, mathematical teacher of the Campbellford high school, has resigned to tuke w government position at Ottawa,

Mr, and Mra. Monroe, Kibe Mills, aged 9] and 87 respectively, recontly celebrated the G8th anniversary of their wedding,

The firm of Hinch & Company, Napanee, has declared w firet dividend of 30 ceuts ou the dollar, The Shaw Company of that town has sola out.

J. K, Alyea, Consccon; O. J. Amey, Ernestowu Station; J, A. Benn, Wellington and J, W. Johuaton, Sath, have graduated from the Veterinary College, Yorouto,

Wm, Thomas, Carleton Place, affected by an unkown complaint has been awarded $1,000 total disability by the I. O. F. aod xiven into the care of a friend who will maintsio him on receiving the additional $1,000 ut his demise,

Peter K Caverly and Mary Etlie Wanna- maker, both of Oasrlow, were married March 20th; Dovald Thomaon and Sarah